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Thank you for being part of our Influencer Community!

We’re thrilled to work with you and celebrate your creativity! Simply fill out the form below to submit your posts, reels, and stories for review. Our team will provide valuable feedback to enhance your content’s impact and ensure it resonates with our brand’s values. After your content has been live for at least 2 weeks, you can also use this form to submit your post performance metrics. More information on how to view and report post metrics is available in the FAQ section below this form.

Influencer Performance Metrics Submission Form

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    How can I view my post metrics as an influencer?

    As an influencer, you can easily view your post metrics on various social media platforms. To access these metrics, follow these specific instructions for each platform:

    Instagram: View insights for your posts by tapping on the “View Insights” option below your post. Learn more: Instagram Post Insights

    Facebook: Access post metrics by clicking on the “Insights” tab at the top of your Facebook page. Learn more: Facebook Page Insights

    YouTube: Access video metrics by going to YouTube Studio and clicking on “Analytics” in the left sidebar. Learn more: YouTube Studio Analytics

    TikTok: View post metrics by tapping on the three dots (…) at the bottom right of your video and selecting “Insights.” Learn more: TikTok Analytics

    Pinterest: Check post metrics by going to your profile and clicking on the analytics tab. Learn more: Pinterest Analytics


    What kind of metrics can I expect to see for my posts?

    The post metrics available to influencers usually include:

    Reach: The number of unique users who saw your post.

    Impressions: The total number of times your post was displayed.

    Engagement: The total interactions your post received, such as likes, comments, shares, and saves.

    Follower Growth: The number of new followers gained from your post.

    Clicks: The number of clicks on links or call-to-action buttons in your post.


    Why do I need to submit my Post Performance Metrics?

    Our Marketing team uses our Influencers’ Post Performance Metrics for internal reporting on the impact of our Influencer Marketing campaigns. By submitting these metrics, you’re helping us show the decision makers in our organization that Influencer Marketing is a valuable tool for reaching and acquiring new customers. We do not share our Influencers’ post metrics with outside parties.