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Quality and Care from Tree to Table

Knouse Foods is a Grower-Owned Fruit Cooperative. Together as a company, with more than 100 family farms throughout the Appalachian Valley, we bring fruit to consumers across the country.

Our Cooperative started more than 100 years ago, with families of farmers expanding their apple orchards and needing a place to sell their fruit. Knouse Foods is now one of the largest processors and innovators of apple products in North America and sells our products under the brands  Musselman’s and Lucky Leaf.

Our company and our family farmers have evolved well beyond just growing apples. Today, we also make products from locally grown cherries, peaches, blueberries, and more. Many of our growers are 4th and 5th generation, farming families. It’s in their nature to put care into each cherry tree grown, each apple picked, and each peach crate filled.

These farming families are the reason our products are recognized as symbols of tradition, high quality, and value to generations of so many other families.

Get to Know Our Growers

McKay, Marker-Miller Orchards

Winchester, VA

Heather Marker-McKay took the long road to growing apples. After growing up on a farm, she started a career in physical therapy. But when the call became too strong, she returned home to land that has been in her family since 1908. Today, she is proud to represent the 6th generation of growers in her family.

Heather loves seeing her fruit go from flower to fruit, as well as the nature and nurturing that come with an orchard. She can sometimes be found hosting field trips to show school-aged children where good food really comes from, and that a woman can indeed be a farmer!

McKay, Marker-Miller Orchards

Tuckey’s Fruit Farm

Gardners, Pennsylvania

When asked how she stays strong, Marsha Tuckey will give you a smile and say, “I don’t work out, I’m a farm girl!” She started farming with her husband in 1983 with 5 acres and 100 trees. Today, she still farms, but now on a few more acres with a few more trees.

What exactly gets Marsha up and into the orchards every morning since those early days? Well, she believes everyone needs fresh, unprocessed food on their table. And maybe, just maybe, it’s her apples that make one of your recipes or snack time so delicious.

Tuckey’s Fruit Farm

Wilson Brothers Farm

Aspers, Pennsylvania

Mark M. Wilson’s family farm goes back over 150 years and six generations. Mark’s grandfather, John G. Wilson, and his brother were charter members of the Musselman’s grower-owned cooperative in 1949. Mark is proud to still belong to the same co-op. It means his family can concentrate on growing delicious quality fruit, knowing that Musselman’s will take care of delivering his fruit to you.

Being outside is what Mark has done his entire life. “I couldn’t deal with an office job. Outside things are just what I have to do.” After graduating from college, Mark went to Swaziland in southern Africa as part of a 4H program teaching American farming techniques abroad. He returned home to partner with his father, William, on the family farm. Today, Mark continues the family tradition with his son, Nathan.

Wilson Brothers Farm

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Knouse Foods manages every aspect of the supply chain—from tree to table—with a focus on sustainability.

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