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Raw Fruit

Raw Fruit Departments are the beginning of the fresh fruit journey at Knouse Foods.  Fruit from our growers goes through an inspection to ensure we receive the best quality fruit for our apple products. Once the fruit passes through the inspection process it is then weighed and delivered to our Climate Controlled Storage facilities.

Human Resources & IT

Having employees dedicated to producing quality products has been our strength since the Cooperative was founded over 70 years ago. Our Human Resources and IT teams continually work to create a working environment where employees can, through their initiative and use of our systems and technologies, exercise their talents and efforts to establish a meaningful career.


Our financial division at Knouse is made up of many important departments.  It includes Accounting, Billing, Credit, and Payroll. Stability in leadership and consistent progress through prudent financial management has made Knouse Foods successful in the business world.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Operations and Strategic Planning cover a large variety of segments at Knouse Foods, including Fleet, Logistics, Engineering, Safety, Manufacturing, Plant Production, and Purchasing. Knouse Foods makes every effort to keep processing methods and equipment up-to-date with the latest technology.  With skilled engineering designs, we are able to adapt current equipment to new methods of food technology and stay on the cutting edge of production.

Knouse Foods Logistics, Customer Service/Order Control Departments optimize the Supply Chain.  Knouse has a total of five processing plants, four in Pennsylvania and one in Michigan, along with Distribution Centers throughout the U.S.  Our transportation department utilizes a company fleet along with contract carriers and rail service to distribute our product to our customers.


Our technical department is made up of many jobs; Quality Assurance, Analytical Services, Technical  Services, New  Product Development, and Environmental.   Manufacturing a product of the highest quality is our prime goal and the keystone of our business.  New product development has played a major role in Knouse Foods’ formula for growth and success since its beginning.


Knouse is best known to the buying public and foodservice community under the brand names: Lucky Leaf and Musselman’s. These labels are loved throughout the nation and found on more than 400 products, including apple sauce, apple slices, pie fillings, fruit and apple juices, apple butter, and vinegar. We are also one of the largest producers of private-label fruit products in the nation.


Creative marketing is essential to ensuring success in our product sales. Our Marketing team utilizes various channels of print, digital/online & social media to attract consumers to our line of delicious and healthy products.