Plant Locations

Where the finest, freshest apples become the finest, freshest apple products.

Knouse Foods operates six processing plants in two states, covering nearly 2.4 million square feet on close to 300,000 acres. Every inch of every plant is devoted to producing the finest and freshest fruit products for our valued customers. Our unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards and absolute customer satisfaction has made us one of the largest apple processors in the world.

Peach Glen, PA. Plant

Square footage at plant: 467,134
Acreage: 360
Number of employees: 415

Peach Glen, Pa. - Corporate Office

800 Peach Glen-Idaville Road
Peach Glen, PA 17375-0001

Phone: (717) 677-8181
Fax: (717) 677-7069

The Peach Glen plant was built in the early 1900s and purchased in 1949 as one of the first processing plants for Knouse Foods. The Peach Glen plant is the headquarters plant of Knouse Foods, which houses the company's general offices.

In its first season, the plant packed apples, apple sauce, apple butter, apple jellies, apple juice, vinegar, cherries and tomato juice. Today, the list of products has evolved to include the pie fillings, sliced apples and much more.

Chambersburg, Pa. Plant

Square footage at plant: 483,300
Acreage: 39.28
Number of employees: 180

Chambersburg, Pa. Plant

421 East Grant Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201-1675

Phone: (717) 263-9177
Fax: (717) 263-6262

The Chambersburg plant was also built in the early 1900s and purchased in 1949 as one of the first processing plants for Knouse. The Chambersburg plant's production has always been devoted exclusively to one product - apple sauce.

Orrtanna, Pa. Plant

Square footage at plant: 497,239
Acreage: 631
Number of employees: 240

Orrtanna, Pa. Plant

1505 Orrtanna Road
Orrtanna, PA 17353-0308

Phone: (717) 642-8291
Fax: (717) 642-5096

The Orrtanna plant was established in 1913 as the Orrtanna Canning Company. Its chief products were canned apples, vinegar and canned cherries. It was the third plant purchased by Knouse in 1949.

Today, this plant packs apple sauce, apple juice and bulk aseptic and juice products.

Paw Paw, Mi. Plant

Square footage at plant: 127,969
Acreage: 26.5
Number of employees: 110

Paw Paw, Mich. Plant

815 South Kalamazoo Street
Paw Paw, MI 49079-0249

Phone: (269) 657-5524
Fax: (269) 657-7512

The Paw Paw plant started in the late 1930s as the Paw Paw Canning Company, which was then sold to Dwan Home Canning in the late 1950s. Dwan merged with Musselman, who then merged with PET Milk. Michigan Quality Foods bought this plant in 1981 and sold it to Knouse in 1982. Knouse started its first pack with cherries, asparagus, peaches and raspberries. Today, the plant packs apple sauce and apple juice in a variety of sizes and containers.

Biglerville, Pa. Plant

Square footage at plant: 371,498
Acreage: 558
Number of employees: 220

Biglerville, Pa. Plant

P.O. Box 807
53 East Hanover Street
Biglerville, PA 17307-0807

Phone: (717) 677-9115
Fax: (717) 677-9162

The Biglerville plant, which started in 1905 as the Biglerville Canning Company, canned tomatoes, corn and apples from the surrounding farms. After operating at a loss, it was sold to the Musselman family in 1907. Christian H. Musselman and his wife, Emma, had gained early notice during World War I when their plants at Biglerville and Gardners managed to maintain a steady flow of canned fruit despite labor, fuel and transportation shortages. During the 1960s and 1970s, the company became part of the PET Foods Company. C.H. Musselman went on to produce canned foods during World War I, adding red tart cherries and peaches to the list. Musselman merged with the PET Milk Company in 1961. In the following years, the plant continued to process local fruits and vegetables, making juice, sauce, jelly and taco sauce. In 1979, IC Industries Company purchased the PET Milk Company including Musselman.

In 1981, IC Industries sold the Musselman Division to private owners, who changed the name to Musselman's Fruit Products. They sold Musselman's to Knouse Foods in 1984.

Today, the plant produces apple juice, sliced apples, pie fillings, vinegar, fruit cobblers and apple butter. In fact, Biglerville is the only Knouse plant to make this delicious apple butter from a process that is nearly 100 years old!

Gardners, Mich. Plant

Square footage at plant: 140,533
Acreage: 471
Number of employees: 150

Gardners, Pa. Plant

450 Gardners Station Road
Gardners, PA 17324-0097

Phone: (717) 677-7126
Fax: (717) 677-4808

The Gardners plant was built in 1912 by C.H. Musselman as a second processing plant for the Musselman Company that started in 1907. It began processing apples in the fall of 1913. Knouse Foods acquired the Gardners plant when it purchased the Musselman's Company in 1984. Today, this plant packs apple juice and apple sauce in a variety of sizes.